Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Inspirational night with Crispin Glover

It's been about a week ago tonight since I traveled to NY with $80 bucks in my pocket to see one of my fellow filmmaker/artist/writer/actor- a hero of sorts to me. A cat that beats to his own drum within the Hollywood corporate entity. Mr. Glover's one man slideshow and film presentation was mesmerizing, I admire the hell out of this guy.

Mr. Glover served up his one man show at the IFC in NY all last week. I scraped up a few bucks to buy tickets weeks ago for the Mon and Tues sold out shows. I had been waiting patiently for three years for him to come back to the East Coast and he delivered above and beyond the call of duty, it was worth the wait. 

First up was his Slideshow- Mon night he read from (6) books and Tues he read from (8). Both nights were great to watch- especially the second night where you could watch more of his performance and less on the large slideshow since a few books were repeats. His material was very funny to just plain twisted-I loved it! 

Mon night he showed "It's Fine, Everything is Fine," a film he co-directed alongside David Brothers with script written by the star of the film Steven C. Stewart. I won't fill you in on the plot since it's the whole experience you need to be apart of. Let's just say that it was a very personal film to make by the cast and crew and an equal to witnessing. Afterwards, Mr. Glover appeared to answer questions about the film, his books and acting career. 

Now Mr. Glover did mention he peruses the internet to see what people say about his shows with some comments from patrons saying that they are bent that he doesn't answer all questions and goes on long tangents- his answer to this is that he likes to elaborate so that multiple questions are answered before they are asked. Personally it's a great trait to have and work with, it delivers more of a personal touch to an intimate evening to say the least. He talked for probably an hour and a half- it was incredibly informative and inspiring. I only wish he could have gone on longer.

Tue night he showed the first film in the series "What is it?" Which he directed. This was a very different film on many levels. But what I came away with, is that here is a filmmaker who can truly throw himself into what he loves and believes in and makes it work. Work in the sense of the message he wants to get across in his art. "What is it?" again needs to be experienced. Because anything I say here may get taken out of context so seeing is believing.

I left with such a high of inspiration, that I drove three and a half hours back home that night after the second show, wide awake, thinking about my path and what I want and how I need to get there. It was refreshing to see someone I grew up with on screen to be 10 feet away and fulfill his dream as an artist that goes beyond his acting career and is able to keep it alive outside the Hollywood machine. My only regret is that I didn't have enough cash to buy one of his books to sign. I had just enough cash to get home using my last coin for gas. I wanted to wait in line just to shake his hand and thank him for the evening. But I felt like a bit of a tool- Next time I'll be better prepared. 

Thank you Mr. Glover, you're a true professional and inspiration, keep you dream alive.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Filmmaker David R. Williams- sentenced today

Received this today in my email- My relationship with David R. Williams started with him hiring me to direct "Prison of the Psychotic Damned." It was a ridiculous shoot that myself the DP and the small, yet  fresh faced crew shot 18 hours a day in just 8 days. I spent months cutting it and now like the plague- it's out there in our ethos. -that's my 2¢

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