Saturday, May 29, 2010

For the kids

New Videos from Ferraby Lionheart

Came across this via a Twitter post from Ferraby- Just saw him in concert a couple of weeks ago. It was really cool to see these videos-check them out. Click on the image to goto the video site Little

Thursday, May 20, 2010

David Lynch's new commercial spot for Dior

Just got this sent to me and I watched the entire 16min short called "LADY BLUE SHANGHAI" which stars French actress Marion Cotillard who's beauty enraptures us, taking us along in this Lynch-topian journey that I personally love. Waiting for Mr. Lynch to produce a piece of work, whether it be furniture, a commercial or film. It's always like Christmas morning when it is finally unveiled. I always manage to get lost within his dreamscape and continue to want more. This little nugget is the perfect slice of warm apple pie.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inappropriate Golden Books, by Josh Cooley

Just had a bunch of these emailed to me- check this one out from "Leon." Can't wait for the whole book of images to come out.

"Sally by the sea shore says something..."

Friday, May 07, 2010

Jonsi @ The House of Blues 5.5.10

I had the fortunate opportunity to see Jonsi (Sigur Ros) the other night at the HOB in Boston- It was a phenomenal show. I had seen him preform with Sigur Ros twice before and he/they always delivered. So seeing him on stage again with a new troupe and accompanied with sets and a media background of an animated wolf chasing a deer to the last song "Grow Till Tall" which was a digital barnstorm delight of destruction. Jonsi is the consummate professional. If you like his sound and the music he delivers, I highly recommend to anyone, run don't walk to his current tour. It will move the most jaded man or beast. As well as Sigur Ros when they tour again-

Below is a video called "Sinking Friendship" which he performed that night- though not shot there. It was the best video representation I could find. - Enjoy

Here is "Grow Till Tall" shot in Vancouver- u get the idea- the video doesn't do the show justice. It's just a taste.