Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Darkside Films: The Vault


Was a promo photo shoot we did eons ago.  I had written a script called SECONDS AWAY and had a photographer I knew who shot the Jay Leno show take a Saturday to shoot us acting out scenes from the script.  Needless to say that I never had the opportunity to pitch this script.  But we have quite a selection of images to put towards it someday.  The cast was played by Johnny Seiko, David Buscemi, Martha Villasenor and myself, D.W. Kann to name the few.

*please note that the scanner I was using isn't up to a good quality so the pics lack their luster a bit. They will be replaced in due time.

Friday, July 08, 2011

JAWS: Book signing weekend!

Finally after a long three years watching my good friend Matt Taylor struggle to get every interview and photograph he could. JAWS: MEMORIES FROM MARTHA'S VINEYARD a beautiful 296 page coffee table book was released this past weekend.  The hard cover which own and weighed- clocked in at almost 10 lbs. This included the portfolio with the piece of the Orca and a DVD that has 8min of Super 8 behind the footage that islander Carol Fligor shot while at the time while her children who played extras in the film.

Below are a fraction of photos shot over the weekend by my close friend Rob Catalano.  We had over 200 people come to the book signing for the 2hrs plus of docs and talks from Production Designer Joe Alves to Susan Murphy who is married to the infamous Lynn Murphy. He was one of two men who Quint was the basis for and was in charge of the shark special effects while shooting JAWS on the island along with Bob Matty.  Lynn's wife Susan delivered a very moving speech to fans about her husband and his relationship with Robert Shaw and his experience working on the film.

Sunday night we showed JAWS plus a 15 min segment that hasn't been seen since 1974 from a TV magazine show called Our New England which had a scathing interview with Richard Dreyfuss plus a hysterical interview with Robert Shaw.  Jaws dropped and laughter erupted with this segment.  All and all it was a great success and the book is still available but I do not know for how much longer.  You can visit mvremembersjaws.com to place your order today!

Production Designer Joe Alves and authors Matt Taylor and Jim Beller

Myself working the production of the evening.

Just before the show begins we had a full house.

One of the many slides shown that evening.

Myself and Joe Alves going over the nights event for  his presentation.

Scrubbing "Bruce's" nose clean.

Outside the signing afterwards.

Clockwise: Susan Murphy, Lynn Murphy, Jim Beller, Jeff Kramer, Lee Fierro to name a few.

The line outside the signing.

Quint being eatin the night of the JAWS film

Moments before the screening.