Monday, October 06, 2008

"Frozen" and "Sever" on track

Currently we are looking to shoot our two films "Frozen" and "Sever" in Wisconsin this coming Winter and Spring. We have brought on a new Executive Producer Wayne Clingman who was one of the people instrumental in creating the film tax initiative in his State. 

Wayne and I met last year at his "It Came From Lake Michigan" film festival where we began our friendship. At the moment despite the economy, we are forging ahead looking for investors to bring these two films to the screen.

We have Letters of Interest from key crew members and most of the actors on both films including almost all of the leads. Plus a Letter to Distribute from a distributor for both pictures. 

If you're interested in viewing our Investment Prospectus package please email us here at:

You can also visit the Darkside Films main website where we have trailers and more info about both these projects.