Friday, November 28, 2008

New Trailers to check out


A slight detour from what I sometimes write about. This has to do with a few trailers I've seen lately and would like to pass on my two cents to you, the film loving community. I hope you'll check out these little slices of hope as I will.

I love trailers frankly and love cutting them, sometimes it's the best part of the movie. What makes a killer trailer are ones that make you want to stand up and cheer or force those light hairs on the back of your neck stand up- or better yet, fill all those emotions including the slight tearing up as a hero who may enter screen right or an actor who has dusted off the cobwebs of time to emerge and deliver a memorable performance that hasn't been seen in a millennium.

Case in point-

"The Wrestler"
I'm a huge Mickey Rourke fan and have been since I was a teenager. My favorite film of his is "Angel Heart" and if you haven't seen it, I suggest you run and not walk to your local Ballbuster video store or cue it in your Netflix. There is a scene, well, I'm not going to say where in the movie because it may give too much away. But there is a scene that just gives you the "one, two" punch! You'll know it when it arrives and to this day it stays with me. He's a true gem of an actor who's taken his licks and nothing makes me happier than cats that come back from the mat for a knock-out and I can't wait to see this film purely just to watch him breath.

The next film I can't wait to see is from another actor who I've always enjoyed watching just to see what the hell he was going to do next. Good 'ol Jean Claude Van Damme, yes laugh, we all have a secret desire to watch his movies although you might not admit it. Now when I came across the trailer of his new film "JCVD" I was skeptical, but none the less wanted to give him a chance and I'm very happy I did. This looks like a killer flic and I'm sure it'll be whole hellova lot of fun to watch.

This post is looking more like a resurrection list of talent that time forgot so I will add another long time hero of mine and I'm sure yours if you're a Horror fan. The man himself, Mr. Bruce Campbell. Now Bruce is on a hit TV show and has made a career out of being the heal, the hero, the action star and even the man with two brains. But his new film, "My Name is Bruce" looks like a barrel of FUN! Bruce directs and stars in this Horror/Comedy which he made on his property in Oregon. Independent filmmaker through and though. I can't wait to see this little ray of sunshine, though where I live I may have to wait until video since even the new Bond movie hasn't made it here yet.

Those are my picks for this evening, I'll have another set up tomorrow, until then.