Friday, May 07, 2010

Jonsi @ The House of Blues 5.5.10

I had the fortunate opportunity to see Jonsi (Sigur Ros) the other night at the HOB in Boston- It was a phenomenal show. I had seen him preform with Sigur Ros twice before and he/they always delivered. So seeing him on stage again with a new troupe and accompanied with sets and a media background of an animated wolf chasing a deer to the last song "Grow Till Tall" which was a digital barnstorm delight of destruction. Jonsi is the consummate professional. If you like his sound and the music he delivers, I highly recommend to anyone, run don't walk to his current tour. It will move the most jaded man or beast. As well as Sigur Ros when they tour again-

Below is a video called "Sinking Friendship" which he performed that night- though not shot there. It was the best video representation I could find. - Enjoy

Here is "Grow Till Tall" shot in Vancouver- u get the idea- the video doesn't do the show justice. It's just a taste.