Wednesday, February 01, 2012

CASHBACK is worth plopping down money to see

This was a film recommended to me quite a while back and I had almost forgotten about it until I discovered it on Netflix streaming (BTW is a killer service!)

Sean Biggerstaff who plays artist (Ben Willis) a guy who breaks up with his girlfriend ends up becoming an insomniac. To eat up the extra time in his life he decides to take on a night shift at a supermarket that is filled with a screwball cast of hooligans speckled between the periods of suspended animation that Ben throws his reality into.

The beginning starts off a little melodramatic and operatic at the same time transcends nicely into his foe world that he creates in his head or is it in his reality?

Ben's narration as in most films would become grating and pretentious. Here it's a loving touch to a very quiet and lost character adding an almost out of body experience.

CASHBACK is shot with a lot of care and attention to detail by director Sean Ellis. The moments of frozen time that Ben wanders through gives us pause as the viewer to accept what he is truly saying and feeling while being surrounded by the very beauty he captures in his work.

If nothing else you'll enjoy the smattering of beautiful naked woman posed in silence as Ben commits their images to paper.