Wednesday, October 02, 2013

"Lovecraft P.I." Script to Comic Supernatural Noir @Kickstarter campaign

Hi Darkside Fans, 

My apologies for the severe lack of posting. Life sometimes steps in and other times its the call of Cthulhu that keeps us at bay. But this time we've come back with a vengeance! We have a completed comic that we're raising finishing funds for. Not to mention a sculpture of the lead character "Ward Lovecraft."

Check us out at our @KICKSTARTER page  

I'll be uploading more images as they come. Our minimum pledge is only a $1, passing this link on to a friend is FREE. 

The PDF of the completed comic is only $3.00

Lovecraft P.I. "A Shot in the Dark" is the first completed issue in a (3) issue limited series from an original screenplay created by Fritz Striker and D.W. Kann.  We did our du-diligence in seeking proper funding to shoot as a feature, but were marred by the Deep Ones themselves, which kept us from achieving our goal. Instead we turn to H.P. Lovecraft fans around the world to help us in this endeavor to raise publishing costs for the first issue which will be delivered JANUARY 2014.