Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Get your name or company on a feature film!

Be apart of horror film history! Darkside Films is selling credits to anyone who would like their name in lights. Whether your a filmmaker, a fan, run a festival or just an average joe with a few extra bucks. We would love to take this oppertunity and pitch our feature film to you.

"Sever" is a psychological horror film unlike anything you've seen in recent memory and it will surely stay in the recesses of your mind long after it's viewed. We have a PDF file that you may download and read that gives you the low down on the film, cast, synopsis etc. Just click on this address: and you'll be taken there.

You can also visit our main website to watch our promo trailer and visit our myspace page at: where you'll find we have a fast growing fan base and where you can see who is in the film and there is another trailer there as well. We plan on shooting this Summer on Martha's Vineyard Ma.

The film is written, edited, produced and directed by filmmaker D.W. Kann (IMDB PAGE: who's new film "Prison of the Psychotic Damned" will be out June 16th on dvd. Once "Sever" is completed we intend to submit it to film festivals and to bring it to conventions around the US to build an already steady fan base. We hope that if you are a supportor that you visit us when we're in town. After the film festival circuit the film will be sold into distribution.

What we're offering is a single amount of $125 which includes your name or logo of your choice after the cast/crew credits on the end of film under the title "Contributors." You will also be able to have your name or logo on the website under "Contributor Links" FOREVER. As the film grows so will the steady stream of visits to the website and eventually to your website. We will be updating the with photos, behind the scene videos and news on showings etc. If you have any questions what so ever please email us at

Please note that this amount is purely a donation and all rights are reserved to Darkside Films LLC under the copyright laws of the United States. The exchange of money is for services rendered above ONLY and no person/persons or companies will receive any monies made from "Sever" profits or distribution. Upon donating we will email you a PDF certificate of authenticity so you can keep it for your records.


Thank you again and we hope you'll help us out.

- Darkside Films