Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Prison of the Psychotic Damned" is finally coming out JUNE 16th!

Yes it's true, a movie I worked on back in 2005 is finally seeing the light of day for good, bad or indifferent. I also included the artwork from both the official York Entertainment DVD release and what I did a year ago as my own poster design. It was a photograph taken on set from the last night of shooting and I didn't do anything to it. It reminded me of the old Italian Bava or Fulci posters of the 70's. I really love this image and I thought it worked perfectly for the film. I even blew it up to full poster size for my office, damn sweet.

Then I got word that the film was finally coming out and was sent the link where I could find the "new" DVD artwork. Um..yeah, not certain what they are trying to go for. I assume it's the whole "urban horror" thing. But frankly it doesn't really say anything about the movie and I hope when it's released people will look past the box art.

This seems to be a running pet peeve of mine. My first film "Ancient Evil 2: Guardian of the Underworld" (aka "Anubis: Guardian of the Underworld") had a cover which was actually worse, here are the examples below. My friend Keith Rainville (from "Parts Unknown") was kind enough to design the original poster which kicks a hellova lot of ass, I wanted it to feel almost epic. I'm a long time fan of Drew Struzan and loved how each movie poster he did looked like it would be the coolest adventure.