Monday, January 05, 2009

Darkside Films - The Final Frontier


Darkside Films is currently accepting donations for their upcoming project, "Sever."

We know that in this economic time it's hard for anyone to keep their chin up- let alone donate to company they may have not heard anything about.

But after years of toiling with investors, distributors etc. We have decided to go right to the fans themselves who we work for and along with. We are in the stages of creating a new frontier of media from the Darkside Films company.

A Darkside Films channel is being created for viewers to visit and watch current programming
such as the "Sever" 12 Webisodic Series that will begin airing in October 2009. Which will be downloadble for $1.50 per 20 minutes episodes. Only $18.00 for four hours of high quality material.

The "Sever" feature will be downloadable for $5.00.

FREE Behind the Scene featurette's, interviews, blogs, Darkside Blog Talk Radio, Darkside Girls. This is only the beginning.

We will also put out a DVD/Soundtrack set that will contain a full color coffee table book from behind scene stills to production shots, T-Shirts, signed posters and further merchandise.

So even if you own the DVD or you just download the Webisodic series and other featurettes we feel you'll have more information you'll know what to do with about this series.

We already have plans to do an additional 24 Webisodes in 2010 that will continue the saga.

So this is what we're about and how we want to give back to you our loyal fans. All films will be shot using the RED ONE camera so you know the quality will be there and the downloads will be in HD. The DVD will be in red and blue ray.

The "Sever" feature and series will be UNRATED.

All we're asking for is a small donation of $100.00 which you can either pay online via paypal or you can send us a check or money order to the address below. All donations will be held in a non interest barring account under Darkside Films LLC and if the films are not made due to lack of financing. Then all monies will be returned to donors.

We encourage you to download the PDF to the left and read more about this project. You would need to send us the signed attacment on the document so that we both have a record of your donation. We're offering several items to the donor including their name in the end credits. So it's worth a look.

We also plan on having more deals and giveways as we get closer to the October deadline.

Keep up to date by visiting our blog often as well as the official page

- Keep it Dark