Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Sever" artcl:1

"Sever" is an experiment, a series of experiments actually on filmmaking and the art of promotion. I completed the first two acts of the script and it took me almost a year later to complete it.

It took me that long to figure out and decide on which avenue less traveled I should venture that was in my head. By this point my life had changed, I was in England overseeing the edit on two films and this was my second time over there. I arrived and was detained for several hours in London, when finally arriving at my destination November 2007. I stayed in a pub called The Buck Inn, actually it’s a B&B of sorts in the North East of the country. It was a place located in the middle of a tiny village called Chop Gate(Yat) a Viking term. It’s along a busy stretch of road which I eventually would hike 4 miles a day down on my next trip over.

I digress, it was raining and the tele only picked up four channels. Now this being a Sunday and I had no transportation mind you so it was a perfect stay in and write day- plus have a pint or two and Yorkshire pudding. Now I know you're thinking Yorkshire Pudding sounds like Blood Sausage when in fact they are nothing alike. Yorkshire Pudding is a very yummy meal that consists of a meat, potatoes, veg and the pudding is a honey color glazed tiny bread bowl or more like fried dough with no powered sugar sprinkled on top. The slices of beef or ham sit on top and covered with gravy, very tasty.

But before all of this as my reward I sat there hours earlier with a cup of tea, staring at the same laptop that sits on my lap now. I wrote the end of the film. It was easy, perhaps too easy for after I completed this years long task, the last 20 pages came out too easy. I sat there and thought- "That's it?"

Now this is neither a good thought or bad mind you as it can be perceived either way. It was a thought of “wonder.” Wondering if this "was" actually it. I re-read it and still wondered.

So I did what any writer would do, I put my computer to sleep and went to have a pint or two....